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Linking AI Principles

Linking AI Principles (LAIP) is aimed at integrating, synthesizing, analyzing, and promoting global Artificial Intelligence Principles as well as their social and technical practices.. It is designed to realize the uniqueness and complement each existing and upcoming Artificial Intelligence principle proposals by establishing common links among them and synthesize various considerations from different perspectives. Linking and synthesis are for Optimizing Symbiosis.

AI Governance Online

AI Governance Online is designed to help AI research, projects, products, and services evaluate their AI from various perspectives for potential technical, ethical and social risks, and provide automated reports on the evaluation and status of their AI from the AI governance perspective. Relevant cases and suggestions will also be provided to help to make the right decisions. AI should be beneficial not only to human, but also to environment, ecology, and the future of human-AI symbiotic society.

AI for SDGs Think Tank

AI4SDGs Think Tank is an online open service for everyone, a global repository and an analytic engine of AI projects and proposals that impacts UN Sustainable Development Goals, both positively and negatively. The goal is to promote the positive use of AI for Sustainable Development, and to investigate on the negative impact of AI on Sustainable Development. Detailed evaluation on each project is provided based on our rating scheme. 

Cultural Interactions Engine

Cultural Interactions Engine is aimed at providing linkages and interactions among various cultural heritages inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It shows how different cultural heritages from various geolocations and cultures are connected to and different from each other. By this effort, we see how we, human species as a whole, contribute to the human civilizations in complementary and interconnected way.

AI Carbon Efficiency Observatory

By analyzing the output of AI algorithms and applications from related literatures and projects, The project of AI Carbon Efficiency Observatory (AI-CEO) aims at providing comprehensive evaluations on various AI models and applications about whether the empowerment through AI are efficient from the perspective of Carbon Efficiency. Project AI-CEO is aimed at promoting the sustainable, green development of AI and empowerment through AI.

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