Announcing Defense AI and Arms Control Network

Military and Defense AI is already happening, and to some extent unavoidable. As responsible researchers, practitioners, policy makers in related fields, we should raise our concerns, try our best to avoid potential harms to the human society and ecology, and guide its necessary development, if not fully avoidable.

Defense AI and Arms Control Network is a network for enabling expert discussions and idea exchanges in the field of Defense AI and Arms Control, Military AI Ethics, Governance and Global Cooperation, and AI for Peace. It is designed to be with a network of experts, and it also provides online services on information and analysis related to this topic.

The current online service is developed and maintained by International Research Center for AI Ethics and Governance from Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Center for International Security and Strategy, Tsinghua University, with inputs from experts affiliated to different research institutions across the world.

Defense AI and Arms Control Network is a platform for monitoring, aggregating, and analyzing world wide advances and policies on defense AI and arms control. We search and collect reports and analysis related to military AI ethics and governance, AI arms control, and update our services on a daily basis. While this does not imply we agree on any of the opinions expressed in these resources. Recommending sources and reports for Defense AI and Arms Control Network is highly welcome and appreciated.

The current online version of Defense AI and Arms Control Network is an aggregation platform for resources related to Defense AI and Arms Control. All copyrights are maintained by the original sources.

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